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The Gift of Dreams Wellness and Consulting, LLC is not a member of any HMO/ PPO panels and does not accept any insurance. Also no insurance companies are interfaced with directly. This model ensures private exclusive psychiatric services. Patients may file for reimbursement through their insurances if they choose.

Concierge Services Provided

Consultation Services

Contact for rates.

Initial Psychiatric Evaluation

The Initial Psychiatric Evaluation sets the stage for the development of the ongoing course of treatment. This first session, of approximately one hour, will explore past treatments, medications (incl: vitamins, herbals & over the counter), medical and developmental histories, education and work histories, social and family life as well as the current symptoms and issues concerning the client and his/her loved ones.

The fee for this session is: $200

45-60 Minute Therapy with Medication Management

This is the traditional "hour" therapy session with evaluation and management of medication concerns. This appointment type is for Established Clients.

Fee for this Session is: $125

30 Minute Therapy with Medication

This is a 30 minute Individual Therapy Session with Medication Evaluation and Management for Established Clients.

Fee for this session is: $90