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What is an Advanced Practice Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner?

Advanced Practice Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners (NPs) provide psychiatric health care for clients. They practice in all states and are authorized to write prescriptions. Psychiatric NPs are trained to assess, diagnosis, treat, and evaluate mental illnesses. They are licensed to conduct physical examinations, order and interpret tests, counsel on preventive health care, and prescribe medications. Psychiatric NPs are educated at the master’s or clinical doctorate (DNP) level.

What is the difference among mental health professionals?

Psychiatric/Mental Health Nurse Practitioners (PMHNPs) have degrees in nursing and practice a holistic and wellness approach to care that emphasizes health education, risk identification and reduction, and preventative care through lifestyle modification. Psychiatrists are physicians. Psychologist specialize in the psychological treatment of mental illnesses. Social workers assess the psychosocial functioning of clients and provide interventions such as community resources or counseling. At times, the role of a PMHNP may overlap with that of a psychologist, social worker, and psychiatrist. For example, all of these positions can and usually do psychotherapy. However, PMHNPs and psychiatrists can prescribe, whereas psychologists and social workers typically cannot. All of these different psychiatric providers can practice independently, but are also subject to state laws governing practice and scope of practice.

What is concierge psychiatry?

This practice is dedicated to exclusive service. An annual fee is not required; rather the definition of “concierge” is private pay at the time of service. There are many benefits to this arrangement. One is that the provider may spend more time with the client. Another is that treatment decisions are made by the provider and client, not by insurance companies or managed care organizations.

Concierge practitioners do not interface with insurance companies directly. This model ensures private exclusive psychiatric services

What are the exclusive psychiatric services?

Only one client is scheduled per appointment time. Appointments are scheduled for as much time as needed by a client. This structure allows for appointments to start and finish as scheduled.